“Let’s get our prayer on!”

Alex's baptism

Alex’s baptism

1-20-2014 with the district What a great week! Transfer calls were this week! I am leaving my dear Monterey. Crazy stuff. I am so grateful for the time that I have had here. I have made life long friends and been so blessed by the Lord. This week we have seen incredible miracles. We had and exchange with our STL sister Mason who came down and worked with Sis. Jarrett and I for half a day. We went contacting with her and man. It was so awesome to learn how to contact in other ways. Sharing what we have with love and purpose is the best way! It was good to see how I had gotten distracted from the real purpose of contacting and got into a routine. Testifying of doctrine and inviting is the best. I am not the one who can judge whether they need to hear about temples and what happens within or more about the atonement. Being afraid of big doctrine lessens my ability to be guided by the Spirit. We saw this when sis. Mason sat down and started talking to Nasean. She testified and invited him to be baptized for himself and for his family. He set a date with her and now we are teaching him. So incredible! Miracles follow faith!! 🙂

This weekend we were invited by our stake president to participate in an area wide fast next fast Sunday. California is in a drought and they asked the first presidency to allow the mid California area to fast together. Permission was given, and I am SO excited to see the miracles follow the faith and action of the saints of California. 🙂 My testimony of fasting was strengthened SO much because of my mission. Fasting shows our commitment to focus on the Lord, and tune into the Spirit. It is an act of faith and miracles follow as we trust and are purpose driven rather than going without food! So cool!

We met with Nasean on wednesday. We started teaching about the restoration when some homeless guys came up and started ragging on the church. One of them worse than the other. The one pulled the other away and they left. As we began teaching again (praying my guts out for the spirit) it got much better. We talked to him about his baptisim, and about his questions. and the spirit was so strong. haha Before we left we said invited him to say a prayer. He said “Oh ya! Let’s get our prayer on!” – so awesome. Miracles happen because of faith 🙂

I am so grateful for our Savior. He knows each of us. I am so grateful that because of his love, he has restored his power here through his prophet Joseph Smith. I love this work. It is so hard, but hard is hard, not bad. 🙂 I love working to help others feel of his peace. I am so grateful for the scriptures. They bring a light and love to life that comes no other way! 🙂

I love you and pray for you always!

Sister Stegelmeier

California girl! hehe


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