Transfers Again?!


I dont have much time but I had the best week yet! I love this work and I love you!!!

 It has been such a great week. I have been learning so much and I am so happy. Nothing brings me greater joy than progression and growth. There seems to be so much of that here in the mission. Our hope and faith must be centered on Jesus Christ in order to produce salvation. This is what enables us to qualify for the gift of grace.

 We went to follow up with an referal the elders had passes us – a family of 4! They had been taught by missionaries before in Texas and we were super excited to meet them. I love teaching families and I especially love teaching prepared people by the Lord. As we prayed with them we could feel their faith and love of the Lord. They expressed to us how they were looking for a church that would enable them to continually progress as a family and not “backslide.” We taught them the power of making and keeping covenants through examples in the Book of Mormon, they realized that this is what their family needs! They are getting baptized this weekend!! They are reading the Book of Mormon as a family each night. I love this. We have such an incredible God that loves each of his children so much.

 I have been pondering as of late the power in our names and how they connect with our covenants. As missionaries we bear the Saviors name, His church’s and our family name (being a STEGELMEIER rocks!!). When we are baptized we “take upon you the name of Christ.” This changes us because we “have entered into the covenant with God that ye should be obedient unto the end of your lives.”  As we stay faithful to the covenants we have made we will always remember the name by which we are called and will “be found on the right hand of God.” (Mosiah 5:8-9) Faithfulness until the end is what the Lord requires of us and as we come unto him he will change us line upon line until we are sanctified, proven, pure and sealed.

Wow how time flies. It is insane! Here we go with another transfer! Sister Berry and I are companions again, they might do some splitting of our districts because there are 2 new wards over in Seaside, but we always end up having an awesome district so we are excited to see what happens! 🙂

Monterey is so great!! Today we woke up to rain. So crazy. haha It feels like I haven’t seen rain in AGES! Oh and we got our heater fixed in our apt so we are as cozy as bugs in a rug when we wake up in the morning haha we used to get up and wrap our selves in blankets for personal and comp study cause it was so chilly! It is tight and sweater weather now!

Saturday night we had our ward trunk or treat. It was so great! haha we really have the most awesome ward 🙂 I love them. They brought so many friends that were non-members! We were able to meet a lot of them and hopefully some of these families will invite those friends over for dinner when we eat with them. – referrals are the best. ever.-  One of the pics I sent was with Cinderella and Hermione at the chili dinner before. Those two girls are the CUTEST! 🙂 they help me greet and pass out programs before sacrament.

It has been a crazy week full of miracles and of course adventures. We had to push Kiera’s baptism back to this coming Saturday because of how busy she is with in-processing and stuff for the Army. We are so excited for her and have seen such huge progression already in her! She is so so faithful. Taylor’s baptisim was this thursday and it went super well. We were kinda nervous, but it went so smooth! Taylor is SOOO sweet and so nice! She was so excited haha she had a count down and would text us the days and hours left before thursday like every night. haha 🙂 she has an amazing story, Her friend gave her a book of mormon with her testimony in the front and when she went to basic training she began to think more about it. She pulled it out, and started to read and then went to church during basic. She got online with questions about the church and ‘chatted with mormons’ and ended up getting the lessons over the phone from some missionaries in Salt Lake. – moral of the story. It never hurts to invite. Be the best friend you can be, reach out to others, and when the Spirit directs never be afraid to share 🙂 I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has changed my entire eternity. I love the Lord 🙂 I love this work!

This week I have been doing some in depth study of the Holy Ghost. I love that the Lord has blessed us with a member of THE Godhead. How amazing!!! We can have the influence of the Spirit with us at ALL times. The power of the Spirit is like nothing else. We can see and hear miraculous things and they will dim and fade over time, but when we FEEL the power of the Spirit bearing witness of truth, those expierences are not quick to fade. They last on and work mighty changes in our hearts. “Can ye look up to God at that day with a pure heart and clean hands? I say unto you can you look up, having the image of God engraven upon your countenances?” (Alma 5:19) we will be able to return to our Father in Heaven as we turn away from the Natural Man and turn to the “enticings of the Spirit” 🙂 I love the comfort and peace that the Spirit brings to me. I love feeling that as serve the Lord and reach out in love to His elect children! 🙂

I am so humbled and grateful for the power of the Spirit in my life. I love the Atonement. I am awestruck as I think about what my Savior has done for me. I love Him. I know on His team I will always be successful!! 🙂
I love each of you SO much! I am so grateful for you. Braydo you look so good in your football uniform! I love the pictures you sent!! 🙂 How are you all doing?? I miss you and pray for you every night. I show pictures of you guys to everyone 🙂

I love you!!!!!


Sister Stegelmeier II


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