Quick thought about the sharing the gospel.

Yes!!! The hasten the work stuff online is AMAZING. Also here is an awesome analogy our wml used 🙂 if you were to go to the mooooostest awesome place for dinner, it changed your life it was so good, would you tell other people? Uhm YES!!! Haha when we value the atonement and gospel we will have a desire to share it!! Also sister Linda K burton gave a super awesome talk from october 2012 general conference. I studied it this morning! It was so good. as you read it you might want to think from the perspective of a missionary – How can this  help my investigators (students/the peeps you are teaching) to do this themselves? she talks about some things they wanted the R.S. sisters to do for the rest of their lives. Basically our knowledge of the atonement helps us want to share it!! see preach my gospel chapter one – the quotes in the end of the chapter. 🙂


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