Press Forward with Courage!

Wow!!! Has it been another crazy week or what!!

 It has over here on the west coast! 🙂 I am loving it!

Truly it is such a blessing to simplify and remember the most important things. It is vital that we LIVE the doctrine of Christ. Not just teach it. I cannot really assist in converting someone past my own conversion!! 🙂 I love this, because it means I can constantly grow and improve! I am taking a big look at the way I work here. I desire to truly give my whole heart and with hold nothing. To love the people here and this area with alllllll of my heart. I am grateful that the Lord is blessing me to see how I can further humble myself. This truly is such an amazing area, and it has the potential to grow so much as we have the faith!!! I love the Lord’s work! He provides miracles upon miracles even through the hardest weeks of our missions. This week was super humbling for us. (mom will you take this next part in bold out of the blog post) Kayla our dear recent convert has decided that she no longer wants to be a member of the church. She has been offended and is struggling with a lot of things. TONS of drama. Please pray for her. anyways. this amounted to hopefully one of the worst weeks of my mission so far. So many people canceling and so many people dropping off the deep end. Despite the pain of seeing people we love reject the gospel, we know that the Lord has a higher plan and we believe in him and trust him. He is amazing and has blessed us with amazing people. Particularly Yemina! She is a super sweet less active woman who has been praying for the missionaries to find her. She drove past us the other day as we were walking to visit some PIs and ever since has hoped we would find her. She is a wonderful woman from Mexico who has INCREDIBLE faith. She is married to a man who is also a member but is feeling left alone by God. Miracles happen, and we are so so glad we found her. The super awesome part of Yemina’s story is that we saw their name on the new move in list but we did not have an apartment number for the address. So we decided we would go and knock on the doors of the building that was closest to the address. 🙂 We knocked, and this cute older couple answered, as we began introducing ourselves, the door across the hall opened and out stepped a woman who excitedly said “Sisters!!” – bingo we had found her 🙂 so we parted with the older couple (planning on going back next week to visit them) and went in and talked with Yemina! It was super awesome. She is amazing!! 🙂 This was just another proof of the Lord’s love for us and all of His children. How amazing. Last night we were over visiting another less active. Her non member son was in the kitchen making food. This story takes a little background.. So this is Tina. She is great, but she is struggling. She is not feeling very well, and lays on her couch for the majority of the day. Her son is really good at football, and he is a great student. He is struggling with the situation, and walked us out after the lesson. He asked us if we could talk really quick. He expressed his frustration with the situation he was living in and wanted to so badly strengthen his relationship with his mother. we could see the desire in his heart to improve his situation but it was so challenging to see how to do that. We invited him to pray and pour out his heart to our Father in Heaven and he would answer him. Never have I wanted to hug someone so badly but couldn’t! It was so amazing to feel and see the spirit testifying of the love the Lord has for him through us. Heavenly Father knows his children. He loves us. I love him.

 I am so so grateful to bear the name of the Lord and the name of my family over my heart. It is such an honor to represent the Lord. I love this gospel and I know that it is true. I know that as we pray and seek the will of the Lord, He will direct our paths in ways we never could have imagined. I love you.

I love you SOSOSOSOSO much!!

Love Sister Stegelmeier
West coast for lifffeee!!!


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