Monterey alll day!!

Playing some soccer

Playing some soccer

Monterey alll day!!    Here is the where’s waldo – I mean where’s Chelsey- video news clip.  Count how many times you see her. We had to watch it a number of time to find her six times.

Wow!! What a week!! 🙂

I love Monterey. I love this area! I love Sister Berry, I love being a sister missionary, I love serving the Lord, I love the holidays, all of them! They bring people together and help them to remember. The Spirit is preparing the hearts of so many people!!! 🙂 This is so amazing to see!!! It certainly is working in my heart.

11-26-2013 on the rock

Making Banana Bread

Making Banana Bread

11-26-2013 beach with sister berry 11-26-2013 pday at the beachI have been studying and contemplating the application and the how to of teaching and being guided by the Spirit. The Lord knows the hearts of everyone and when we earnestly seek to be a tool in His hand and yield to the Spirit it really is so amazing. I had been confused and a little lost at how to teach by the Spirit, but I have SO deeply wanted to be. The Spirit – It was so cool. It was teaching me about teaching with it 🙂 –  led me to so many amazing scriptures, and amazing doctrines in pmg and finally to a talk that brought it all together. Mom had sent me a talk about the Spirit last month, and I was able to see first hand how the Lord teaches us line upon line, precept upon precept. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to understand as deeply!! 🙂 so awesome 🙂 We receive the Spirit by the prayer of faith. The Spirit comes unto our hearts, but not into them unless we allow Him to enter. He bears witness of the Father and the Son. Anytime we understand anything about them and about the gospel of Christ, it is taught by the Spirit! 🙂 We shall not teach without the Spirit. The Spirit comes and resides when we allow our will to be swallowed up by the will of the Father! 🙂 When we prepare, think, ponder, and be at peace trusting that the Lord does do all that he has promised us, the Spirit is enabled to teach us, and teach those around us. 🙂 This has helped me to really step back and seek to see the way the Lord sees His children!

Ok now to the week! 🙂 haha

We had so much fun at the service project on monday and tuesday!! SO many people came! there were aprox. 1500 bags given out i think… And that many turkeys were brought down from utah by the church! It was so awesome to see the Joy on people’s faces as they picked up their bags! 🙂 It was also so awesome to have Amy there 🙂 she is so stellar 🙂  On Wednesday there was a big prep at the fairgrounds for the thanksgiving dinner thing they do every year for the homeless so we went to it and cut SO many potatoes! 🙂 it was so awesome! After we cut the potatoes, they brought in onions. I have never been so affected. haha Sister Berry and I were crying our eyes out!!!  There were like 10 garbage cans full (covered by plastic no worries) of carrots, potatoes, onions, and celery!! We were able to talk to Trish, a woman who up and moved over here from Massachusetts! We hopefully will meet with her this week! She is so prepared and so full of faith!

Miracle with the Mabini’s!! This week we met with them again and followed up on the challenge to pray as a family and read the scriptures we left them. They had!!! and they had the most awesome expierence from it!! They had read, and prayed, and were deciding about a big financial decision they were making. as they read the scrpiptures we left them, they found their answer! Oh man. It was so amazing. Using the Book of Mormon in our teaching is so powerful. Reading it every day does miracles in peoples lives. I know it is the word of God. I know that the Spirit teaches us as we open the pages of this inspired book! 🙂

I love you all so much!!! I am so grateful for you!!  I love this work. I love this area!! Sadly we think sister berry is going to be transfered next week… 😦 She is so amazing. I love her 🙂 I love being her companion and I love working here in monterey!!! Hopefully I will never leave! haha Change is amazing, but man I love it here!

Funny story this week! So we were given the most amazing pie by one of our members! (the best pumpkin pie i’ve ever had, but it is almost as good as all of your pies mom, not quite as good but almost!) With it she gave us whipped cream! The squirty kind. Of course sister berry and I played the whipped cream game last night! We will try to send you some vid and pics of it next week! So fun!

I love you!! Have a stellar week fam!! Good luck with mom and dad being gone!! Have so much fun on the cruise mom and dad!! send pics!!! – take the underwater camera!! I love you!!!


Sister Stegelmeier – west coast for life!


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