Christmas Miracles

I am so so grateful for the blessing and oppurtunity to talk to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man!!! It was so wonderful to talk to you guys!! You are all so so so so so awesome!! 🙂 Anyhew! We have seen some huge miracles this week!!

Diligence is such and important part of the Lord’s work! I learned that this week for sure. When people we contact on the street give us their info and we get back to them quickly the Lord help them to remember the feeling of the Spirit they felt. When members give us referals and we contact them the same thing! When the Lord prompts me to say something, just as President Mower said in my setting apart just GO and DO! 🙂 We visited a referral this week and they have SUCH great faith! They are interested in the church, and the had met with missionaries before, and are waiting for their daughters to come here from Pakistan. There is a lot of unrest there right now for the Christians, but they want to learn more. They are so awesome! – Lesson – go visit people and trust the Lord. He knows their hearts 🙂 he leads and guides them and is preparing them!

I have been studying healing in the scriptures! It has been wonderful! “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 all through the power of the savior “And they were healed by the power of the Lamb of God” 1 Nephi 11:31 Each struggle that we go through the Lord is there strengthening and enabling us to do more than we could before! This has been so so awesome to learn of the Lord’s love for each of His children. I love this work!

Funny story – Contacting this week! haha We began talking to a man who was near our age. We run into people who have no belief in God. So this guy, he was similar, but he started telling us how religion should actually be – not in a church – So we invited him to learn more. He said yes! But then continued telling us about how we have to be in the here and now and going with whatever happens to you. So then he stopped talking. and asked us ” So what do you think about sex” ok. so 2 young girls with tons of people around. asking us this. haha always an adventure. Sister Neff said “what about it!?” Oh so funny so then we told him ah no! Then we taught him the Law of Chasity. 🙂 always an adventure!

New years!!!!!! I love change! This week has been awesome learning how to be more effective, trying to allign my will with my Savior! This year I resolve to look forward! To serve with all of my heart, might, and mind! I want to read the book of mormon in 12 weeks!!! 🙂


Sister Stegelmeier

You are all amazing!!!


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