Charity Never Faileth

Whew! This week was challenging but good. We had zone training and got transfer calls and only one of our investigators got back to us, and through it all we were able to learn so much! Zone training was so awesome. I learned how I can more fully trust the Lord, have charity for those we work with, and boldly ask without fear! In Moroni 8:16 He says it so well ” Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and i fear no what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear.” and we are enabled to trust in the Lord! It is truly so powerful. all things must fail in the end except charity. That will carry us through even the hardest trials!

12-9-2013 Christmas pics 12-9-2013 pday 12-9-2013 Sister Berry and cookies 12-9-2013 ugly sweater 12-9-2013 Zone ConferenceLanguages are so interesting. The Lord speaks to us in the language of love, and the way we speak to others shows our love for the Lord. We were able to teach a chinese woman yesterday. The language of the Spirit speaks so much louder than anything else. 🙂 so powerful!

Tomorrow I pick up my new companion! I am so excited for this transfer! We are going to serve with all we have! I love change, although it is hard sometimes! I am going to really miss sister berry we have figured out a really good system. It will be fun to work with another person though! This will techincally be my breaker! Crazy!

Well I love you! I am honored to be serving the Lord and doing his work in this area right now! He is hastening His work! 🙂 Mom and dad! Way to share!! 🙂  I know that through the Lord, with His charity and pure love, all things are possible!

I love you!!

Here are some HUGE hugs from me!!!


Sister Stegelmeier West


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