Sunny Monterey!

Mah Familliaaaa

 I love you all so much!!! You are so amazing!!! I love this work, I love this area, I love my wards!!! I have been so so blessed to work here. It is gorgeous and there is so much to be done! 🙂

 This has been an interesting week…. haha needless to say, we have learned a LOT about planning, acting, and loving. When we are focused on our purpose we will see success. When we are distracted or fear or let other things get in the way we are not as successful, because we are not consencrating our time! So, this week we have been finding our way around Monterey and learning/doing all we can to remember where everyone lives. Our trainer was transfered and we as a companionship have been out less than 14 weeks!! Whoohoo!!

 There was Advanced Oreintation this last Friday that I went to with the other missionaries who came out with me. It was SOOOOOO good to see Sister Black and all of my MTC people! It was a very humbling meeting as a whole and we learned how important it is to be accountable. Every day. And throughout the whole day. To recall who you desire to be and keep an eternal focus! So great. Our confidence in the Lord and ourselves grows if we account. If we don’t we miss out on those blessings. Goal setting and accountabilty is so important!! 🙂

 We have had another week full of miracles! This woman who we have stopped by to see like 4 times before finally let us into her house. The other times we have stopped by they either were not home, or were busy and didn’t let us in. She had been seen by missionaries before and her husband is super less active. So she has gotten all of the lessons and has been to church mutiple times so she is READY for baptisim. We were really hoping to pick her up as an investigator and were hoping that she would let us in. We didn’t know exactly what her needs were, so we were going to talk to her, feel it out, and teach her about faith. So we went and knocked praying all the while hoping that she would let us in. She came to the door and opened it and invited us in!!!! Miracles 🙂 then we talked to her about her teaching and her kids (she teaches 5th grade) and the shared a scripture Either 12:4 about how life is like being on the Ocean. She opened up to us and shared her desire to teach her kids the right principles. We invited her to come to church, and sadly she didn’t end up coming, but we are meeting with her this weekend! We have faith that she will be baptized in October!!! She is so great though!! My comps are great, we picked up a new sister who is fresh out of the MTC and waiting for her visa to Brazil. She is super sweet 🙂 and now we are back in a trio!

 I love this work. I am so grateful to the Lord for his mercy and grace. It is so so important that we grow closer to our Heavenly Father and become like the Savior. We have already been Redeemed. It is now up to us to be sanctified so that we are comfortable in the Fathers presence for eternity!!! 🙂 I bear testimony of our Savior and Redeemer. I am honored to wear His name on my chest and stand as a witness of Him!!!

 I love you!!! You are amazing. Keep up the wonderful work!!

 Love love love

 Sister Stegelmeier

 yo. hey. so you crazy peeps who have big bonfires!!! Sounds like a party over in morgan!!! hahaha I love you!! Play hard Braydo and Westo!!!

Sue! How is everything!!?? Write meeeeeeee


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