“Oh What a Wonderful Week”

This week has been so so so fantastic!!! I don’t even know where to start!!! So we have picked up 3 new investigators (super exciting) and we are learning so much!! We were so blessed this week! We watched General Conference, ate shwarma, went to the Oakland temple, and felt of the INCREDIBLE love of the Lord through his prophets.

 Conference was amazing! I loved every bit of it. They were SO bold. I loved it!!!!! There were so so many amazing talks. One that I found particularly inspiring was Terence M. Vinson about remembering the Lord. I loved how so many of the amazing messages were about putting the Lord first and remembering him. We are to have no other Gods befor Him. There is so much power in personal study of the scriptures. I love that as we read them we not only learn and are sanctified by the Holy Spirit, but we are also are changed and we can see the Lord’s individual plan for us. He loves us. He is mighty to save and his power is there. Do we believe in it? Are we truly comitted? I am!! Yes yes yes. this is the most glorious work. We must seek every day to fortify our walls and build up those weak parts. The weakness we have are such blessings. It is truly incredible to see the Lord working miracles in the lives we come in contact with.

 We have amazing members of our YSA ward that are so willing to bring their friends. As they invite the Spirit is present. Their friends feel and see of the difference in the lives of the members of the church. They stand for what is right and they live true to their covenants! Because of that so many people have a desire to meet with us and enter into the Lord’s rest! 🙂 I love monterey!! I love missionary work. I love talking to people on the streets and sharing with them. We only find those that are ready by talking to everyone! We get better at talking to people as we DO IT!! 🙂

 The Lord is working his mighty work in my life and the lives His children. It is a miracle! He is with us. He goes before our face! I love Him and I LOVE to represent Him!!

 Keep it up my wonderful family!!! I miss you all and Love you!!!


Sister Stegelmeier ii




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