Transfers!?!? Time is Flying!

Ok big news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Saturday was my first baptism!!!!!!! Well it all was the Lord’s, and we were so blessed to have part in it! 🙂 I talked about her berfore but she is amazing! Her name is Kayla  🙂

She is so awesome! This is Kayla and Spencer 🙂 he is in her class at DLI and it is through his invitations that the Lord has worked to open her heart!! Miracles!!

8-2013 Kayla and Spencer - Copy

So this was short I’m sorry I’m writing tons of letters today to each of you 🙂 so no worries 🙂 I love you alllllllll so much!!!

Keep your chinnny chin chins up for the Lord loves us!!!
It is transfers tomorrow and we are picking up our new sister Wednesday!!

Sister Bishop is leaving, and Sis. Berry and I are staying and getting that new sister. She apparently is a visa waiter (a sister who is assigned to another country but has no visa but is done with the MTC)

Super exciting things are happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂8-2013 Chelsey and the bird


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