My dearest Faaaammmmilia!!

Wow!! It is amazing to see how the Lord will step in as soon as we step out of the way. When we let go of judgment and love and forgive and just work! This week I was so blessed to see how His work will go forward with or without you, but when you are in the game man is it amazing and it is incredible! Allowing our faith in Him and His individual plans for each of his children to overcome our fear will change our lives! and when our eyes are single to His glory we will see huge miracles! D&C 88:67 “And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light” I love this so much!! There is so much power in turning to the Lord!

We just got a new bishop in our family ward and I am so excited to work with him! He is passionate about missionary work and we have an amazing ward mission leader. This is going to be so amazing because of the new plan we have in place for our ward. It applies PMG principles and is allll about goals and faith and work! The ward is SO important in missionary work!

Miracle of the week – Kayla. She is amazing! She was a southern baptist and she loves the Lord so much. She has incredible faith and commited to be baptized on the 14 of September. She will be my first baptism and i am SOOOO excited!!

This week I have been blessed to really learn what it does to unity when you judge and hold other people to expectations where only the Lord should be in your life. He is the source of light and others cannot replace that. The only way to recieve that light is through obedience, prayer, ok well there are lots of ways but scripture study and the application of the principles learned is the best. that is where goals come into the picture. 🙂

there is no greater time to serve the Lord than now! Sue. keep it up. I will be writing you a letter asap. Dad! happy birthday!!! Weston, I am so so so sorry about BBF. I am so sad and I am praying for you. All the time. I love you and I hope that you know how much i do. Here is a huge Chelsey hug for each of you. I miss you like crazy and am so sorry for bbf. 😦  Braydo! you champ. I love you 🙂 good luck with football and school! Hey please write me brayden! tell me everything! Mom, I love you and am so grateful for you!! Dad- again i have a package coming sooon for you 🙂 you will like it muwhahah

I love it here and am so grateful for this work!! I pray for you and love you!!

May our eyes be single to his glory!!! We will see the little miracles in our lives!!

LOVE forever

Sista Steg II



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