Hour of Power!

8-2013 oceanWow Fam!

I love you so much!! It is so good to hear from each of you I LOVE you 🙂 SOOO MUCH!!!

This has been an incredible week! There have been so many miracles!!! We haven’t had any of our investigators come to church recently, so this week we are going to try super hard to get them there! We have about 3 investigators right now and one solid one! His name in Charles Mills. He is married and has three children. They are the cutest!! His wife isn’t interested, but we have really good lessons with him. He said maybe to our baptisimal invite to him this week!! That is for sure a miracle because he is a DEVOUT christian and he knows the Priery Bible really well, so we have to testify and teach Docterine to him. We were fasting yesterday during our lesson for the Hour of Power, and that power that is brought through fasting was seen. The Spirit was SO strong and it was amazing to see it work in his heart. We have another lesson scheduled with him and our goal is to get his whole family in on a lesson super soon! 🙂 Our other investigators are Jackie – super awesome very devout Catholic who is in the military. She is so so amazing. Super awesome! I am learning how to invite people to baptisim. It is great, you just gotta believe in yourself and in the Lord and then go with the flow! (learned from the super awkward baptismal invite with her.. 🙂 haha it was so great) So we are meeting with her again this week and we cannnnnt wait for it 🙂

So every thursday between 4-5 we have the hour of power. We pray daily for it, and we fast every sunday. This week’s hour of power was super hard becasue we had our investigator Ashley cancel on us. We decided to do some visits to some less active members. The hour was getting close to being over and man. I was lacking faith. We stopped at a non member’s house and knocked. This time she opened the door and started talking to us. Her fam was sick, but we were able to catch up with her. Sister Bishop turned to me and asked me to share my fav. scripture. My usual is Either 12:4, but it was crazy, I didn’t feel like that one was the right one at the time. So I flipped open my scriptures and started thumbing through. I felt impressed to stop in Moroni 7 where it talks about the light of Christ. Wow. the Spirit was strong as I testified about doing good and inviting more of the Light of Christ into our lives. This was suuuuuch a tender mercy because I was doubting! The Lord humbles us and as we turn to Him for help trusting that he will work his miracles, we are strengthened!

I love this gospel. I love the Lord and I am continually humbled by the knowledge that my Savior has made it possible for us to become better and grow. I love this work and I am so grateful for the blessing of being in Monterey. Califorina is the best 🙂 it is so gorgeous!!!

Love always and forever (napoleon dinamite voice)

Sister Stegelmeier



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