Transfers!?!? Time is Flying!

Ok big news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Saturday was my first baptism!!!!!!! Well it all was the Lord’s, and we were so blessed to have part in it! 🙂 I talked about her berfore but she is amazing! Her name is Kayla  🙂

She is so awesome! This is Kayla and Spencer 🙂 he is in her class at DLI and it is through his invitations that the Lord has worked to open her heart!! Miracles!!

8-2013 Kayla and Spencer - Copy

So this was short I’m sorry I’m writing tons of letters today to each of you 🙂 so no worries 🙂 I love you alllllllll so much!!!

Keep your chinnny chin chins up for the Lord loves us!!!
It is transfers tomorrow and we are picking up our new sister Wednesday!!

Sister Bishop is leaving, and Sis. Berry and I are staying and getting that new sister. She apparently is a visa waiter (a sister who is assigned to another country but has no visa but is done with the MTC)

Super exciting things are happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂8-2013 Chelsey and the bird


Following the Savior’s Lead!

Me familia!!!!!!!!! Eeepppp

Ok first. I love email days. I love sharing with you what is happening. Sister Stegelmeier I sent me a bunch of talks and some really amazing tools that have already helped me to become a consecrated missionary. Some of the things I am learning through that, my personal study and pondering, and the blessed teachings of the Spirit in every interaction with others-

– Love everyone. This happens through our interactions and prayers. It helps us to feel of God’s love. It helps them to as well. Everyone in the world is in need of encouragement and each time we encourage (show charity and love) we are serving and seeing them as God sees them. It takes action. This is also something that grows over time 🙂 I have learned this as I contact and interact with people and also with my companions, and with ward members. SERVE 🙂 it is the best!

– Having the Spirit is a GIFT and as we use it we understand it. So we have to listen and act with NO fear 🙂 as we do that people FEEL of the love of the Savior. The gospel is so hard to prove scientifically because it is a SPIRITUAL thing 🙂 so we must feel! We cant close off pain because then we shut off happiness! As we listen to the Spirit and serve we will feel JOY!!! It is the best part of missionary work and can be done by anyone!

– Submit my will to the Lord’s 🙂 Give the desire, love passion, everything that I have to the Lord and as I do that he makes it sacred!

– Every single thing that happens to us gives us two choices. One – to follow the Savior. Two – to not and that is to follow the Adversary. If we dont choose we are choosing the latter. So I have seen miracles in my life and my ability to feel joy, clairity, and love skyrocket as I choose the Savior in every circumstance. That is to choose to follow him 🙂 So to love others to be happy, to read scripture and apply it  to our lives and especially to serve.

Ok this is a lot. 🙂 I love it and It is something that will be a wonderful life long journey! “there are no accidents” the Lord loves us and is cheering for us!!!

We were so blessed this week! We went up to the Oakland temple with our investigator, Kayla, who is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY!!!!!! Please pray for her family and friends and her to be strengthened 🙂 she is amazing 🙂 It is hard to describe who she is… so the closest person to her is probably Lynn Marie they are super similar 🙂 It is insane how we can see the Lord hastening his work 🙂

We are struggling getting all of our investigators to church though and it is because of how we are teaching. So we are for sure working on helping them to see the importance of church attendance and their testimony and the Sprit and knowing it is true. The work is going steadily forward here. I am so grateful for that but man it can go SOOOOO much faster! We can do so much more and teach and TESTIFY so much more powerfully!! So we are figuring out how to be more obedient and consistant.

I love this work and I testify that the Lord calls us each and has called us to preach his Gospel. To bring others to the happiness that he has for us. I love Him. I am so grateful for the Atonement and its enabeling power.

I love you each. I am so sad about BBF and I pray for him and each of you to feel the comfort of the Spirit with that.

I feel you support and prayers 🙂 I loveeee you!!

Funny things – the homeless people here have animals. The other day we saw a guy riding his bike around with his cat on his backpack. right behind his head! haha it made me think of Oscar 🙂 Everyone has a dog here too, but none of these dogs are as awesome as the Freak and Tiptoe 🙂

I love youuuuuu!!!

Keep the faith!!

I love you and am soooo grateful for you!!


Sister Stegelmeier


My dearest Faaaammmmilia!!

Wow!! It is amazing to see how the Lord will step in as soon as we step out of the way. When we let go of judgment and love and forgive and just work! This week I was so blessed to see how His work will go forward with or without you, but when you are in the game man is it amazing and it is incredible! Allowing our faith in Him and His individual plans for each of his children to overcome our fear will change our lives! and when our eyes are single to His glory we will see huge miracles! D&C 88:67 “And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light” I love this so much!! There is so much power in turning to the Lord!

We just got a new bishop in our family ward and I am so excited to work with him! He is passionate about missionary work and we have an amazing ward mission leader. This is going to be so amazing because of the new plan we have in place for our ward. It applies PMG principles and is allll about goals and faith and work! The ward is SO important in missionary work!

Miracle of the week – Kayla. She is amazing! She was a southern baptist and she loves the Lord so much. She has incredible faith and commited to be baptized on the 14 of September. She will be my first baptism and i am SOOOO excited!!

This week I have been blessed to really learn what it does to unity when you judge and hold other people to expectations where only the Lord should be in your life. He is the source of light and others cannot replace that. The only way to recieve that light is through obedience, prayer, ok well there are lots of ways but scripture study and the application of the principles learned is the best. that is where goals come into the picture. 🙂

there is no greater time to serve the Lord than now! Sue. keep it up. I will be writing you a letter asap. Dad! happy birthday!!! Weston, I am so so so sorry about BBF. I am so sad and I am praying for you. All the time. I love you and I hope that you know how much i do. Here is a huge Chelsey hug for each of you. I miss you like crazy and am so sorry for bbf. 😦  Braydo! you champ. I love you 🙂 good luck with football and school! Hey please write me brayden! tell me everything! Mom, I love you and am so grateful for you!! Dad- again i have a package coming sooon for you 🙂 you will like it muwhahah

I love it here and am so grateful for this work!! I pray for you and love you!!

May our eyes be single to his glory!!! We will see the little miracles in our lives!!

LOVE forever

Sista Steg II


Hour of Power!

8-2013 oceanWow Fam!

I love you so much!! It is so good to hear from each of you I LOVE you 🙂 SOOO MUCH!!!

This has been an incredible week! There have been so many miracles!!! We haven’t had any of our investigators come to church recently, so this week we are going to try super hard to get them there! We have about 3 investigators right now and one solid one! His name in Charles Mills. He is married and has three children. They are the cutest!! His wife isn’t interested, but we have really good lessons with him. He said maybe to our baptisimal invite to him this week!! That is for sure a miracle because he is a DEVOUT christian and he knows the Priery Bible really well, so we have to testify and teach Docterine to him. We were fasting yesterday during our lesson for the Hour of Power, and that power that is brought through fasting was seen. The Spirit was SO strong and it was amazing to see it work in his heart. We have another lesson scheduled with him and our goal is to get his whole family in on a lesson super soon! 🙂 Our other investigators are Jackie – super awesome very devout Catholic who is in the military. She is so so amazing. Super awesome! I am learning how to invite people to baptisim. It is great, you just gotta believe in yourself and in the Lord and then go with the flow! (learned from the super awkward baptismal invite with her.. 🙂 haha it was so great) So we are meeting with her again this week and we cannnnnt wait for it 🙂

So every thursday between 4-5 we have the hour of power. We pray daily for it, and we fast every sunday. This week’s hour of power was super hard becasue we had our investigator Ashley cancel on us. We decided to do some visits to some less active members. The hour was getting close to being over and man. I was lacking faith. We stopped at a non member’s house and knocked. This time she opened the door and started talking to us. Her fam was sick, but we were able to catch up with her. Sister Bishop turned to me and asked me to share my fav. scripture. My usual is Either 12:4, but it was crazy, I didn’t feel like that one was the right one at the time. So I flipped open my scriptures and started thumbing through. I felt impressed to stop in Moroni 7 where it talks about the light of Christ. Wow. the Spirit was strong as I testified about doing good and inviting more of the Light of Christ into our lives. This was suuuuuch a tender mercy because I was doubting! The Lord humbles us and as we turn to Him for help trusting that he will work his miracles, we are strengthened!

I love this gospel. I love the Lord and I am continually humbled by the knowledge that my Savior has made it possible for us to become better and grow. I love this work and I am so grateful for the blessing of being in Monterey. Califorina is the best 🙂 it is so gorgeous!!!

Love always and forever (napoleon dinamite voice)

Sister Stegelmeier



8-2013 first companionsOk… So I LOVE MONTEREY!!!!

All dayyyyyyy

What a wonderful day and what a wonderful place to be blessed to serve in. So many miracles! Well first it is so important that we open our eyes to see the miracles that are always coming, second we have to have the faith in Christ that there will be more because He loves us and wants us to be happy, third be happy and the Lord will always come through!! This week was awesome, I feel like we are not working as hard as we can, but that comes as we make goals to improve the small things. One bite of the elephant at a time! 🙂 There are so so so many miracles. Fasting works. We are sacrificing what we want now for what we desire and turning the timing over to the Lord. The amazing thing about coming closer to the Lord is that every step we get closer to Him, we begin to realize how truly far we are away from Him. Contrary to popular belief this is not a depressing thing, because we see how it is so possible, through the Savior, to make it back to God! 🙂 love it.

It’s great here in Montereeeeeeey! Rooockin it up! So today it is sunny. and beautiful. It is never sunny here. haha but it is today! Also. We saw a huge miracle with a recent convert coming to the baptisim that we had on Saturday. her mother killed herself this month and her step mother died a week later. She has been strugglin and dropped off the grid for a few weeks (no come to church) but it was pretty amazing, she came to the baptisims of two guys in the singles ward we cover, bore her testimony, and Sunday we had an incredible lesson with her. Seriously amazing. The Lord is so aware of his sheep and He takes care of them. If we let Him, he will allow us to assist in the gathering and comforting! Only led by the Spirit. Pretty amazing.  So we read in that lesson Trial of Your Faith. -conference of october 2012 and it was so good everyone should read it 🙂 🙂 Ok uhm… What else.. The car show of all the fancy cars brought a ton of people and we were able to contact a ton and talk to a lot of people about the gospel 🙂 I love it!

This week was So hard. I was reaaallly struggling on Friday and Saturday, but when Sunday came it was a miracle. We fast every Sunday for our Hour of power and it is incredible. It helped so much and the answers all came through other people saying things. We have to hold on to our Faith in the trial of it. Trials are there to build us and always will help us to become better and more faithful and closer to Christ.  My comps are great.  The Lord continues to answer my prayers and it really truly is going so well! I only desire to work harder and be better as a missionary. I love the Lord. 🙂 I love this work!!!

Ok  got to go!! I’m going to send you all some pictures and I’m writing you a letter 🙂 Love yooouuuuu!!

Sister Stegelmeier II