The Stylin’ San Jo!!

Chelsey Write me on my mission

We did not die in the short plane ride!!! 🙂 haha it was wonderful!! We got to meet the mission president – amazing. But before that chronologically! We woke up at 2:30 and got everything put together with our luggage then took the front runner/trax to the airport! Super fun! I love being in the field. Seriously. So what happened!! haha we got off the plane and went straight to baggage claim. on the way there we came through this weird (with psychedelic colors in the ceiling) area and found our President!!!!! What a coincidence … hehe it was so great!! 🙂 We shook hands with all the amazing office Elderly Elders and the AP’s! then it was just lickety split right off to get our luggage then get to the cars. then we drove to the San Jose State institute right next to the campus and we got a little orientated about our mission. – we are a service mission! We serve a lot, we do no tracting, only a TON of street contacting. We talk to everyone in the whole world that we see!! It is so so amazing 🙂 I love it! (side note.. with the amount of service we do I may need a few more t-shirts and another pair or two of jeans..)    The orientation went well and they gave us some Books of Mormons and then some pass along cards then they set us off! It was basically amazing. At first it was CRAZY SCARY! And a little bit of a struggle. It is only a struggle when you think of yourself by the way. It’s not a big deal… Just the biggest deal and the most important key to being effective! haha Then we came back and had another lesson/Meeting/more thorough orientation. (uhmm.. I’m writing fast so please spell check before you put this on the blog hehe love you mom)  We are emailing (supposed to be snoozing) and taking a personal video of the beginning of our missions and then the day we leave we will be taking another. 🙂 Then we will have dinner and then we will have a devotional.

I love devotionals. they are the best ever!!! Last night the Tuesday night MTC devo was amazing about studying the BoM 🙂 loved it!! I loved being able to see Elder Stegelmeier!!! (Logan) 🙂

I love the gospel and I LOVE missionary work!!!  My mission president is amazing and we find out our companions/trainers tomorrow!! LOVE YOU

Sister Stegelmeier


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