The MTC is the Greatest Ever

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Ah My most dear wonderful family!!  Okay Ok I get it!  there are so so many tings to do here at the MTC (really it feels like the days fly by but creep ever so slowly).  there is so much to learn!!  Hardly any time to write unless you become a master champion planner!

I love you all so much!!  So this awesome amazing thing happened! it is called the MTC!!!  Not even kidding the spirit is gushing out of everything we do!  Never have I ever felt this good!  Amazing they put your tag right on you.  it is basically the most amazing ever!!.  I love love love to be a missionary.  Wednes night we did this 30+ investigator training thing.  2 missionaries taught.  Then we paused  and our whole group taught.  It was crazy!  Then the next day we worked and studied our braines out and we memorized our purpose and the vision as well as D&C 4.  So Good!


Seriously I love it.  I have this incredible companion Sister Black from Stafford Virginia.  She loves the gospel so much.  She is so positive and so perceptive to the spirit.  She has so much faith.  So much.  it is so motivating.  I just love her.

Yesterday night we met with the branch president.  I was called sister leader trainer in our group at the MTC.  Whew!.  Insanely crazy how many things there are to do.  But most of all to love the sisters of my zone.  super amazing sisters.

Never before have I felt so humbled and so weak.  but never before have I ever known the Lord’s will and have already felt His great love and help.  It is truly incredible.  So amazing. He has helped me with discouragement and remaining positive and uplifting.  So many things.

Oh Family I love you so much.  This is the greatest thing of my entire life.  I love you family.  I love teaching!  The church is TRUE!

Love always, Sister Stegelmeier


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